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Meet Eddie Hantas & Chef Kelton, Hummus Xpress

October 30, 2019

Meet Eddie Hantas, owner & Chef Kelton of Hummus Xpress. Kelton may be new to the team, having joined the in May, but agrees with Eddie who says, "It's like a lab at Hummus Xpress. An abundant experience... It's a lot of fun to be around all of these fresh veggies!" Eddie hails from Lebanon and lived in Michigan before embarking on an adventure to the wild West of Arizona to escape the cold winters. In 2002, he honed his skills in the kitchen working at a local Tempe pizza spot, Gus' Pizza. Hummus Express blends traditional meals of Lebanon with a few twists (like Mexican peppers) to make it special. "It's a lot of family recipes - just like mom makes it - so it's really personal to me." 

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