Local First: Stories from Arizona’s Small Business Community

Meet Joe & Jana Matarazzo, Goodfellas Merch

October 17, 2019

Meet Joe & Jana Matarazzo, owners of Goodfellas Merch in Glendale. Avid music fans of the Phoenix scene will enjoy the ode to great local bands, like: Black Carl, The Format, Jimmy Eat World, The Maine, and more as host Thomas Barr, Joe & Jana reminisce about growing up in the music scene in the community they love so much. 

Starting out in 2000, Joe had just graduated from high school, but already knew what he wanted to do - be an entrepreneur. He started his shop to accommodate the punk rock culture with piercings and expanded with tattooing and also carrying unique, independently made clothing, like Ed Hardy, before it was the Ed Hardy of today. Bands sought out Joe and Jana to create their t-shirts, which launched them into a whole new direction and led them to create Goodfellas Merch.

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