Local First: Stories from Arizona’s Small Business Community

Meet Karen Mason & Randy Mettler, Duck & Decanter

September 25, 2019

Meet Karen & Randy Mettler, Duck & Decanter. Randy's family has been in business for over 40 years and was the original location of the first Arizona Fall Fest 15 years ago! Randy and Karen reflect on the changes made at "the Duck", like going from imported products to supporting more local vendors, having a line around the corner in the late '70s, and the very first Arizona Fall Fest where Randy realized, "This is what community feels like."

Today, Randy and Karen continue to forge innovation on the breadboard and have found a community among Local First AZ members... as he puts it, "The best thing about running a local business is Local First."

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Arizona Fall Fest, we're bringing you local stories from those who will be celebrating with us on Nov. 2nd! www.localfirstaz.com/fall-festival